How to Make Soft Cake Doughnuts

Ingredients Baking Donuts:

500 gr flour

50 gr full cream milk powder

11 gr instant yeast

100 grams of refined sugar

75 g butter

1/2 teaspoon salt

4 egg yolks

100 ml of cold water (ice)

For topingnya you can add other ingredients such as butter, powdered sugar and so forth according to taste.

How to Make Soft Cake Doughnuts and Attractive

Make dough from some material that is used as a flour, milk powder, instant yeast, and sugar. Combine all ingredients and then stir until blended.

Once the dough is well blended, add cold water and egg yolk. Then knead the dough until smooth.

When it is dull (can clenched), add salt and butter and then knead again until smooth. After that, allow the dough for approximately 20 minutes.

The dough is ready to set up the dots then let sit for approximately 20 minutes until fluffy.

When the dough is fluffy, give a hole in the middle simply by using the index finger. Punch a hole shaped like a ring of dough up.

Heat oil in a medium-size fire. Fried dough cake donuts that have developed until cooked, do not forget to reverse in order to mature and flat color, then drain.

Add toping according to taste.

Serve with a beautiful decoration in order to arouse the viewer tastes.

That’s how to make cake donuts are soft, you should note that the donuts are soft will make addicted people who eat it. Donut dough does not expand to absorb a lot of oil will result in making the results of the cake donuts are greasy.

How to Make Soft Cake Doughnuts

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