Jangan Lupakan Arti Kesetiaan

Jangan Lupakan Arti Kesetiaan. Come to Critical to measure the resident’s land that claimed was outside the execution territory. The grating was guarded direct by District Police Chief Surabaya Utara AKBP Nasri and Kabag Binamitra Large City Territorial Police Surabaya However Jangan Lupakan , because of too many objects that were measured, the BPN side could not complete him in time a day. They promise to complete all of them today. The “rear not yet in measured.” He said, tomorrow was continued again, said police one of the residents that his house was not yesterday. Had a basis the grating yesterday, evidently had several houses that stood on two status of the land. Some of their buildings was on the execution land, the rest on the irrigation land. Houses that stood on two status of the land will be completed well with police (the owner of the land). “If indeed must buy, it’s alright,” said police,Arti Kesetiaan

Jangan Lupakan Arti Kesetiaan

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