Do you want get women or men to date you must difficult find really your Love or (cinta sesunnguhnya) in  Indonesia language. But now not again because I can help with my Love Poetry. And This Love Poetry or (Puisi Cinta Paling Top) very-very interested to all part begin women,man,lesbian or homosexual, young, old, until adolescent. And all can use this Love Poetry. Thanks If you release my love Poetry as a song to public. This is My Love Poetry:

The day was destroyed but Quiet and Beautiful

I said promised and wanted to go in the open sea

In your desert was thrown in your horizon believed

Could foot this spoke to you if I wanted you but was not possible

I was carried the mad wave of the scream of logic music that always was sung by you

And just was said by me actually I love you……and I love you…I love you

My saw was very hard above down as in the case of my heart to you love

Your mystery my courage, my elegance, my falseness and my honesty.

You replied to my blood crying crawled on your palm and gave me your love

This of a little love poetry from me fully that was most significant was your crazy words in Indonesia language please interpreted personally about(Puisi Cinta Paling Top) if interested. Thanks and bye bye..!!